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To reach the hearts of the people through the sound of music and provide insight to every life around the world.

Terry Cason Worldwide (TCW) specializes in serving Community, Cities and Country  through fashion, Music Production and Service. TCW has recently introduced its newly fashionable clothing line, 'Kingdom Ambassadors' that was launched in August of 2019.


Kingdom Ambassadors was established through community involvement and serving people from all walks of life. Kingdom Ambassadors wear is a brand of the people. People with a passion and purpose to lead by serving. Serve in shere of influence. Represent with Confidence, Royalty, and prestige. Wear Kingdom Ambassador: its more than a Brand, its a Movement. 


TCW is committed to serving our customers with acts of kindness, love, empathy and ministrations. We serve by operating through our faith based Live conference sessions. These sessions offer spiritual insight, word of knowledge, spiritual and life skills mentorship, through fervent prayer. 

TCW Music and Productions offer a variety of music and production services for our customers: 

Musicians and Artists equipped for Live Recordings, Studio Sessions, Tours, Virtual Concerts, special Events, Marketing and Promotion Strategies, Composition, Song Arrangement and Band Constructing.

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